Companies Are Buying The Rights To Colors

Companies are buying the rights to colors. 

Its no question that companies can be known for their colors alone. We recognize Facebook for being blue, Yahoo for being purple (red if you're an OG) and Snapchat for being yellow. 

Well, it appears that colors on the Hex Grid can be Trademarked if said color is vital to identifying your brand, according to the Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

Source: The Fashion Law

This, however, does not mean that every brand can pick a color and own the rights to it. Cheerios had learned this when a Supreme Court justice had ruled against them owning a yellow Hex Code, on the grounds that it was not an identifying factor to their brand and would not be used on the boxes of their other variants, such as Chocolate etc.

This has lead to legal action between companies, namely Pandora and PayPal and judging by the grid above, many other potential suits. Potential examples? Wiffer Ball & Snapchat, Tiffany & Twitter, John Deere & Subway.

Do you think Companies have the rights to own Hex Code colors? Let us know your thoughts.

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